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Lucy Poley

University of Calgary
Job Title
Post Doctoral Researcher
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Lucy has a PhD in Geography from the University of Calgary and an MSc in Environmental and Life Sciences from Trent University. She is interested in combining remotely sensed information data on wildlife movement and habitat use to draw conclusions and make discoveries that contribute to species conservation and the designation of protected areas. Her research has focused on modelling wildlife-habitat relationships for at-risk species such as wolverines and caribou, developing methods to use drone imagery to create detailed vegetation maps in Banff National Park in support of the bison reintroduction project, and more recently, assessing the quality and methods of road network datasets available across Canada. She is also an advocate of communicating scientific concepts and results beyond the research community using visual methods such as graphic abstracts, videos, and infographics. In her spare time Lucy enjoys running, skiing, exploring the outdoors, gardening, painting, and spending time with her dog and husband.

Program & Project Involvement

Caribou Program

Caribou Program

The fRI Research Caribou Program carries out applied research, in partnership with industry and the Government of Alberta, to help maintain caribou herds in Alberta into the future.